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MELT Program- Mandatory Entry-Level Training

BC’s Ministry of Transportation recently followed in the footsteps of neighbouring provinces by announcing details regarding the introduction of a new driver’s license implementing its MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) program for commercial drivers on March 31, 2021.

B.C.’s Class 1 MELT program requires 140 total hours and includes more practical behind-the-wheel driving hours, in-yard hours, and theoretical instructional hours than Standard 16 of the National Safety Code. In addition to 50 hours on-highway and 37 hours in-yard and around the vehicle, B.C. has 15.5 hours of theoretical and hands-on air brake training, almost double the 8.5 hours required by Standard 16 of the National Safety Code.

Government help and support Funding programs :

Many government programs exist to assist with these training costs and support new Class 1 drivers entering the trucking industry. Click through to learn more about each :

To determine eligibility and access government funding, Class 1 applicants can learn more about each of the streams of support here.

Safe Driving School provides commercial driver training programs for entry-level requirements for BC. We are fully compliant with the new curriculum and regulations. Our instructors have years of experience in commercial driving. They will help you to acquire proper knowledge and skills to pass your MELT exam in the first attempt !

On-road driving requirements and restrictions

On-road driving time must include loaded and unloaded trailers, as well as bobtailing. The following chart lists minimum hours that must be spent in each vehicle configuration on-road. In any case, on-road driving must not be less than 50 hours. The course includes an additional 6 hours of flexible time to meet the needs of individual students, in which case total time on-road may extend up to 56 hours.

Minimum required on road hours
Loaded trailer 38
Bobtail 4
Unloaded trailer 4
*Student/instructor choice 4
Total 50
*Up to 4 hours may be taught using a pintle-hitch truck and trailer.


Hours of instruction by module
Module Theory Training In Yard Around the Vehicle In Cab Behind the Wheel Total Hours
Off Road Maneuvers On Road Driving
1. Overview of the Trucking Industry 3 3
2. Vehicle Components and Systems 3.5 2 5.5
3. Driving Techniques 6 40 46
4. Professional Driving Habits 4 10 14
5. Off-Road Tasks & Maneuver Backing 2 12 14 25
Coupling/Slide 1 1 6 8
Chain up 1 2 3
6. Documents, Regulations and Planning 5 5
7. Vehicle Inspection Activities 3.5 10 13.5
8. Hours of Service Compliance 5 5
9. Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention 4 2 6
10. Air Brakes 9 2* 11
Total Hours by Learning Environment 47 19 18 50 134
Mandatory practical flexible time 6 6
Total Theory and Practical Hours 47 93 140
*Total practical air brake time is 6.5 hours. This includes 2 hours as part of the air brake practical unit and an additional 4.5 hours of practical training in yard during pre trip inspection lessons.
Hours of instruction by module

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